The Waiting Room at Direktorenhaus

Direktorenhaus used to be a bank before and was even used as an interrogation space. Inspired by the architecture of the building, we used the main hall of the space as the waiting room and the various offices inside the building as the interview locations.

We invited Diego Agullo, Dmitry Paranyushkin, Peter Stamer, Isabel Lewis, Clement Layes, Philipp Wittulsky, Daniel Hinojo, Eric Green, John Eric Jordan and Ingrid Cogny to be the hosts of the evening. Each of them proposed their own way of conducting the interview, ranging from a photo-shoot audition to the first meeting of people who only saw each other in dreams.

The event was hosted in the context of PLAYBerlin / TAMTAMTAM residency at Direktorenhaus.

Your Hosts

Gabriel Shalom


An audiovisual artist, composer, director, producer, and entrepreneur living and working in Berlin, Germany.  

Peter Stamer

Peter Stamer (c) Peter Stamer_3

Peter Stamer works as director, performer, mentor and curator in the field of contemporary theatre and performance.

Clement Layes


Choreographer and performer. Art lover.

Dmitry Paranyushkin


Venture fiction entrepreneur in the field of polysingularity.

Diego Agullo


Studied philosophy in Madrid before moving to Berlin in 2005. He’s a performer, video artist, and thinker. He squeezes orange ...

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